Britain is run by people who are bluffing. At the top of our government, our media, the civil service and business sit men – it’s usually men – whose core skill is talking fast, writing well, and endeavouring to imbue the purest wind with substance. They know a little bit about everything, and an awful lot about nothing. We know because we’ve seen them – and we’ve been those men.

Bluffocracy is co-written by me and James Ball. It was published by Biteback in August 2018, and you can order it here.

'The new book which has Britain's political class abuzz.'  The New European

‘Forensic and funny…if your hope is to make some sort of sense of the tragi-comic carnage that is modern Britain, Bluffocracy is the book for you.’ Progress

'Bluffocracy is concisely argued, keeping the spirit of the 18th century political pamphlet alive.' Reaction Life

'An invaluable peek behind the curtains of power, whether it be Oxford tutorials, the fast-stream of the civil service or the corridors of Westminster' Money Week

'Bluffocracy offers an argument that many will agree with.' i paper

‘To understand Brexit - Cameron, Osborne, Johnson, the whole crew responsible - read this witty book.Andrew Adonis

'A short polemic which could possibly be sub-titled "the experts' fightback starts here".' Quentin Letts