About me

I am a partner at Public Digital, helping governments, businesses and other organisations with digital transformation and institutional reform. I’m a regular columnist for Civil Service World, and have written for The Guardian, New European, Spectator and Nature, among others.

I’ve published two books - Bluffocracy and Digital Transformation At Scale.

Before Public Digital, I worked in the UK civil service for several years, spending time in 5 government departments, covering digital, energy, health, climate change and business.

While at the Government Digital Service, I spent most of my time working on strategy, product management, governance and other forms of bureaucratic tradecraft. I led the team that delivered the first government digital service standard and design manual, set up the Technology Leaders network and wrote the Digital Efficiency Report. Outside GDS, I ran a government review into applications of the Internet of Things, commissioned from the Government's Chief Scientific Advisor by then-PM David Cameron in 2014.

I graduated from Oxford University in 2006 with a first in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. I was Vice Chair of Haringey's Alternative Provision service from 2015 - 2018, and have been a member of Council at the University of Exeter since 2019.  

Image credit: @creafarrar