I mostly write about government, politics, the civil service and making organisations better. 

Here is a selection of the stuff that got published.

The Guardian


A post-truth civil service? That way madness lies (January 2017)

Whitehall's chance to shed its reputation as elitist and aloof (June 2016)

Bin the paper, kill off tick boxes – how to fix civil service appraisals (March 2016)

New Statesman

Who runs the country during a general election? (May 2017)

Whitehall woes: why is no-one talking about our crumbling civil service? (April 2017)

Civil Service World

The civil service is in crisis. This must not go to waste. (October 2017)

BEIS will pay to know why staff are leaving? (September 2017)

Solving Whitehall's pay puzzle (August 2017)

A problem with minority government (July 2017)

Not picking up the Slack (June 2017)

Meeting the new Minister (May 2017)

Preparing for an election (April 2017)

Fixing submissions (April 2017)

Put spending reviews in the open (March 2017)

The Civil Service Workforce Plan doesn't go far enough (February 2017)

'Enemies of the people'? (January 2017)

Whitehall's Brexit challenge (December 2016)

Churn rewards managers, not leaders (November 2016)

Stop obsessing about business cases (October 2016)

Watching the middle-aged spread (September 2016)

GDS shake-up a victory for officials at the expense of citizens (August 2016)

Lessons from Prof David MacKay (May 2016)

The best leaders value trust, not grades (April 2016)

What degree do you need to get to the top? (February 2016)

Total Politics

What Whitehall really makes of May’s minority government (July 2017)


29 things that cost less than government IT (September 2016)

Losing one is misfortune. Two? (August 2016)

Why trust beats hierarchy (March 2016)

Bad service design is not a strategy (November 2015)